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NMC is a State-owned enterprise with an annual turnover of around E76 million. The corporation was established in 1985 in accordance with the Companies Act of 1912 and, unlike most parastatals, there is no special Act of Parliament which incorporates it. Its two major shareholders are the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Agricultural Marketing Board. The corporation is presently involved in the business of commodity trading in white maize.

It receives no annual subvention or lifeline from Government and it generates enough income to cover its running costs. The control of the corporation is vested in a Board of Directors. All Directors are appointed (and removed) by the Minister of Agriculture.

Current Activities:

Despite the social nature of most of NMC’s objectives, to talk about long-term growth and expansion requires the public enterprise to master the ability to balance social development considerations with running a commercial enterprise, and to put structures in place that will provide the capacity to do both. The corporation must offer products and services that clients will pay for, with goals and objectives that Government will contribute towards, while maintaining steady sources of revenue to cover operating costs and ensure adequate financial reserves for future growth.

In addition it must practise prudent financial management at all times. Apart from performing the functions outlined in the preceding paragraphs, the company is presently engaged in an exercise aimed at reviewing the organizational structure in line with the organisation’s strategic plan. This initiative is consonant with the overall objective of fully commercialising the public enterprise in order to render it more financially self-sustaining without any reliance on Government’s intervention. The structure should be relevant to the Strategic Plan and the short and long term goals of the Corporation.



Our Mission is to enhance food security and create wealth through effective grain procurement, storage and distribution practices with the involvement of all stakeholders.
Our Vision is to be a leading player in the procurement, storage and distribution of grains in the SADC region.

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