Split Beans

Lusendvo Split Beans are split red speckled sugar beans. These beans are exactly like the whole beans described above, but they have been split during handling (harvesting, transporting, storage, etc). These are not to be viewed as reject products, but are actually highly convenient and affordable as they cook in half the time and are energy savers, making them a very affordable option.

Umndeni Beans

Umndeni Beans are red speckled sugar beans; grade 2. Grade two is the best grade in the pre-packing category. Grade 1 beans are exclusively set aside for canning purposes. NMC trades in red speckled sugar beans of local origin and of medium to large size. These are sourced locally and imported as and when necessary.

Sihlobo Rice

Sihlobo Rice is premium rice imported from Thailand and packaged at the National Maize Corporation. This is a high quality, long grain, parboiled rice that is carefully sourced and is taken through quality assurance checks before packaging and reselling. NMC prides herself on the quality of her grain.