National Maize Corporation (NMC) is a fully state owned enterprise that has an annual turnover of approximately one hundred and twenty Million Emalangeni (E120M).

The Corporation was established in 1985 in accordance with the Companies Act of 1912. The Corporation is currently involved in commodity trading in white maize, premium rice and has recently engaged in Sugar beans. The control of the Corporation is vested in a Board of Directors appointed and removed by the Minister for Agriculture for terms of three (3) years.


The farmer’s choice with the most competitive and sustainable market for maize, other grains and cereals in the SADC region.


Enhancing increased production and national food security through improved stakeholder relationships, creating strategic partnerships, farmer support, vigorous marketing and supply of high quality maize, cereals and other grains.


NMC was established in 1985 with the objectives of guaranteeing a market to local maize farmers at competitive prices and providing good quality maize meal at reasonable prices to the Swazi people. These objectives have now changed. With the return of the Matsapha mill to the SWAKI Group in 1995, NMC is no longer involved in maize milling, but only in its purchase, storage and marketing. The honour is upon the relevant office as per the Cereals Act No. 28 of 1959 to see to it that mealie meal remains affordable to the nation. The oversight in carrying out this function has resulted in unnecessary high prices of maize meal in the country which are not related to the price of maize locally.

The Corporation has been entrusted with the following key responsibilities, inter alia:

  1. To guarantee an all year round competitive market for Swazi maize farmers.
  2. To reduce marketing barriers and costs to Swazi farmers by improving maize marketing and logistics services (through running silos efficiently, registration of producers, provision of drying services and price information.
  3. To guarantee all year round supplies of maize at reasonable cost to the nation.
  4. To increase the efficiency of the maize market in Swaziland by promoting the availability of white maize to consumers at reasonable cost in all regions of the country.

Currently the NMC trades in white maize, Thai long grain parboiled rice, red speckled sugar beans and peanuts.


Chief Operations Officer

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Agri-Business Manager

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Marketing and Communications Manager

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Procurement Officer

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