Combine harvester

Technology has simplified maize operations. Farmers can now have access to our six row combine harvester. NMC can harvest and transport your grain to the market on your behalf. To access the service, register with any NMC Farmer Development Officer

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The corporation offers scheduled and non-scheduled trainings to farmers in her quest to improve grain production. Farmers are trained in a variety of areas including but not limited to crop production, crop storage, quality control, planning, financing etc. Farmers with a need for training can contact NMC office to schedule trainings. However, such an arrangement is offered to groups of farmers not individuals. Farmers are encouraged to use our maize production manual attached. This manual was developed by stakeholders in the maize industry and was approved by the ministry of agriculture for use in extension in Swaziland.

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production manual



The corporation is involved in a number of maize promotional activities. These promotions aim at incentivising the farmers to produce more maize to feed themselves, the country, and eventually exporting to the region.

Contract farming

This is a program under the Agribusiness Division that ensures grain producers enter into contracts with the corporation for the purpose of getting a steady supply of grains from the farmers.

Maize collection centres

The below areas have been identified by the corporation to be used by NMC Farmer Development Officers (FDOs) as maize collection centres for the year 2016/17. Farmers are expected to bring their maize to the listed areas before or on the collection dates agreed with them.

Maize Producer prices (2017-2018)

Unit Price(E)
50 kg 128.75
70 kg 180.20
1 Ton 2,575.00

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