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Reduced marketing barriers and costs to Swazi farmers through improved maize marketing and logistics.

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NMC is guaranteeing a market to local maize farmers at competitive prices and providing good quality maize meal at reasonable prices.


The promotions aim at incentivising the farmers to produce more maize to feed themselves and the country as a whole.
About NMC

National Maize Corporation

National Maize Corporation (NMC) is a fully state owned enterprise that has an annual turnover of approximately one hundred and twenty million emalangeni ( E120M ). The Corporation was established in 1985 in accordance with the Companies Act of 1912 and the Corporation is currently involved in the commodity trading of white maize, premium rice and, sugar beans.

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What we do

Farmer Development

NMC can harvest and transport your grain to the market on your behalf. To access the service, register with any NMC Farmer Development Officer.


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